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Xtreme Step Party Manchester


Join Patrick Sinclair at the Xtreme Step Party event in Manchester on Saturday 19th Nov - 3:30pm - 6:30pm.

A huge Black & Yellow themed step party hosted by Manchester Master Instructor Martina and Wigan XHH Instructor Kelly. Special guest UK instructors including Master Trainer Christina from Luton and special guest Master Trainer Patrick Spa from the Netherlands!! Come and step with others to a live DJ in one of the biggest UK step events ever to happen. This event is open to everyone from beginners to practised Steppers!

Theme Colours are Black & Yellow !!

Event starts at 3:30pm, parking available at the venue. Different ticket options available depending on if you need to hire a step.

Please bring water a sweat towel and plenty of enthusiasm!!

Ticket Prices:

Step Event & Step Hire - £12.50 This is your entry ticket plus the hire and use of one step.

Step Event Entry Only -- No Step Hire - £10

Please be aware this is for anyone who is bringing their own step! This ticket does not include a step for the event.

SinFit Fitness are not responsible for this event. Please contact Xtreme Hip Hop with Kel on +447496880633.

Purchase your tickets here:

SinFit Fitness are looking to hire a mini bus to travel to and from this event.

This will come at an additional cost per person.

No additional pickups, we will all meet in one agreed location and set down in that location upon return.

If you are interested in travelling on the mini bus, please email

*Please note, no arrangements have been made as yet, please do not purchase a ticket for this event if you are relying on SinFit Fitness arranging the mini bus, until details have been confirmed. SinFit Fitness are not

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