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SinFit Fitness Shred Challenge Testimonials

Good morning ya'll as its the last day of the August Sinfit Summer Shred Challenge 22.

We all made it to the finish line

I just wanted to give you brief update of my progress so far over the last couple of months.

1st I wanted to thank Patrick, Danni for the great program, and of course my Louise for keeping me on track, encouraging and motivating me throughout this journey.

Also a big round of applause to you guys too for the great work you've all done and the encouragement to each other throughout the program..

My initial goal in July was to loose a little bit of weight, and get a little fitter...

My results.. So far..

July 1st 126.2 kg

July 18th 122.6 kg

July 31st /Aug 1st 120.2 kg

Aug 18th 117.9 kg

Aug 31st 116.57 kg

Total weight loss. 9.7 kg

(approx 21.34 pounds) =1.5 stone

BOOM... Roll on September

Richard Barnaby - July & August Summer Shred 


The pic on the left was taken just a week before I started the shred challenge. The pic on the right was taken at the end of the challenge!

The changes in my body have been phenomenal. I'm fitter and lost almost half a stone.

Its been hard as at the beginning the headaches were there as lack of sugar. Also exercise in the extreme heat was tough but the results speak for themselves.

Thanks so much to Patrick Sinclair for all your support and checking in when I've gone quiet to make sure I'm on track.

Thanks to the fellow shredders in the group chat who pick you up when your feeling down!

I will keep going as I have a goal to reach before my wedding next year

Shakira Keddo.- July  Summer Shred 


THANK YOU Patrick Sinclair

and the SinFit Fitness Summer Shred Challenge!!!

I won't lie.... I have some chocolate and sweets first 2 weeks I did amazing didn't even miss it!

then I went though a rocky patch and lost my mental strength with the challenge. BUT I didn't completely give up. all it took was a reminder for what I had achieved so far and how I wanted to keep going! 20mins a day with Patrick, keeping up with what classes and gym sessions I could and here I am.

I wasn't very active in WhatsApp group but I could see all of you with my also jumping hurdles, avoiding obstacles and supporting one another judgement free! that helped me so much so thank you all! 11st 9lb Start - 11st 2lb finish. 

Well done SinFit family!!

Jess Edwards  August Summer Shred 

Wow!! What a journey. Sitting here reflecting and if I'm honest feeling a tad emotional. The start of the shred in July was the real challenge for me, what with still being at work, the ever soaring temperatures and having to do my shreds in the evening, after work and before class, at times I really didn't want to do it, but I knew that by making myself accountable by posting vids and pics, I wouldn't allow myself to fail. So I showed up and put in.

The results started to show and my determination grew and then came August. I knew I had more time on my hands so decided to continue and #keepshredding. And here we are as of today my results are as follows.

July 1st 14st 9 ( 93kg)

July 31/Aug 1st 13 st 12 (87.9 kg)

Aug 31st 13 st 8 (86 kg) so in the 2months of shred I've lost 9kg ( 19.8 lbs) totalling 1.4 stone and reached my initial target weight

It's not the end for me as, I've decided that this is a journey I intend to continue. I'm healthier, fitter and happier I've not only made these lifestyle changes alongside with quitting smoking but gained strength mentally to. So thank you Patrick Sinclair for everything that you do, you are an amazing coach, mentor and motivator and have helped to change my life for the better . Thank you also to Danni Burbidge for ensuring the smooth running of the group and making sure we could access the workouts and content your support hasn't gone un noticed

Louise Alleyne July & August Summer Shred 


Here's what our clients have to say about our community classes.

All reviews have been extracted from our Google Pages

Xtreme Hip Hop & X Fight Norbury

"I have been attending the SinFit classes for a number of years now on a regular basis, they are by far the best classes around, providing a fantastic workout I a fun and energetic environment. Being a part if SinFit is like being part of a great big family. X Fight impact and Xtreme Hiphop with SinFit are classes you do not want to miss.🖤🧡".

Louise A

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Norbury

"What can I say...WOW! The class yesterday was full of energy and fun! Everyone was friendly and welcoming, the music was great and I got a full alll round workout. Patrick, the instructor keeps you working to infinity and beyond!!! I'll defo be back".

Carole H

Untitled design (2).png

PowerWave & X Fight IMPACT Selsdon

"10 out of 10 for energy, inclusion and pure vibes🥊".

Zoe LB

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Streatham

"X fight is a great class. Expect to burn loads of calories. Patrick keeps you moving with great music especially if you love a bit of drum and bass."

Nadine F

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Streatham

"Power wave and X-Fight impact was on point as always, filled with vibes and energy. Patrick always encouraging us to push ourselves. Love it. 👊🏾💪🏾🔥🔥".

Lorraine P

Untitled design (2).png

SInFit Fitness Norbury

"I been a part of the SinFit Fitness family for well over 3 years and have absolutely loved each and every minute. Norbury is one of my favourite locations were I do X Fight Impact, X Fight and Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Sinfit Thursdays and Saturdays. Today's X Fight Impact class energy smashed the richter scale. Thanks Mr P".

Richard B

Untitled design (2).png

 X Fight IMPACT Selsdon

"I just love the X Fight Impact sessions at Selsdon! They are high energy with different routines each time and great music . Really the best total body workout and Patrick Sinclair makes them super fun! Patrick is an awesome and very motivational fitness instructor too!".

Bela P

Untitled design (2).png

Xtreme Hip Hop & X Fight Norbury

"I’m always looking forward to my X Fight Impact and Xtreme Hip Hop classes during the week!! Patrick is always encouraging and it’s such a fun environment, you don’t even realise you’re working out half the time! :)".

Sophia S

Untitled design (2).png

Xtreme Hip Hop Croydon

"Amazing way to keep fit, enjoy every session and extremely friendly class. First time I've ever enjoyed exercise."

Claudia R

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Streatham

"It’s an amazing stress release, it’s fun. Everyone is so friendly. Patrick is as mad as hatter in the best possible way. Highlight of my week."

Iraina G

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight Croydon

"X Fight Croydon is a really fun way to keep fit. Patrick is really motivating and I love the way he re-enforces that we work out as a team and that every rep is a result. The workout is a great all rounder and focuses on most areas so you really do feel that you have work almost every muscle. Great music, great people and a great vibe. I couldn't recommend this class highly enough".

Kim R

Untitled design (2).png

SinFit Fitness Norbury

"Everyone pulls together to make a difference. Classes are fun and the rewards are fantastic".

Dawn A

Untitled design (2).png

PowerWave & X Fight IMPACT Selsdon

"OMG.... What a workout, so I did the double, the energy was on point, Patrick was on point and the vibe is out of this world. Can't wait for the next class. 💪🏾💪🏾".

Tracy A

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Streatham

"Amazing X fight class. Fun class for a full body workout to drum & bass music. You won’t be disappointed!"

Samantha C

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Norbury

"There is not better way to stay fit and feel good! The team are amazing 🤩".

Emma S

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Norbury

"Great X Fight class this morning! Is it an exercise class? Is it a rave? Hard to tell. It's a great, fun, great way to get fit and start my weekend. Love it 😀 👌🏽".

Heather H

Untitled design (2).png

 X Fight IMPACT Selsdon

"Absolutely brilliant class! Atmosphere is great and everyone is always made welcome.".

Tina D

Untitled design (2).png

Xtreme Hip Hop & X Fight Croydon

"Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Sinfit , class was banging... Vibe was lively and Patrick pulled out all the stops. Followed by X Fight those combo's are mad high intensity and the HiiT section works every part of your body... No IF'S just BUTT.... LOVE IT."

Tracy A 

Untitled design (2).png

X Fight IMPACT Streatham

"I love this class…banging tunes and the best instructor too. An hour of this is what’s needed to put a spring in my step for the week ahead."

Liz F

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